Embark on your eternal return to CREATIVE EVERY DAY Philosophical and practical tools to learn to photograph, draw, write and express your creative spirit Made in small batches with HAPTIC PAPER in California, USA Featuring original artwork by Eric Kim, Annette Kim, Cindy Nguyen, Jennifer … Read more about CREATIVE EVERY DAY


FILM NOTES is your new electric-red companion to learn film photography. Inspire Yourself with FILM NOTES FILM NOTES is a distillation of everything I learned about film photography for the last six years. If I started film photography all over again, I wish I had a copy of FILM NOTES. With … Read more about FILM NOTES


 What is Photo Journal? Photo Journal is a Personal Photography handbook to inspire you to make your photography more personally meaningful. Photo Journal invites you to reflect on your photography, motivations, and dreams. This handbook is a friend to help you reflect on “why” -- why you take … Read more about PHOTO JOURNAL


Mission   Cindy and I believe in making educational resources that can empower and inspire others. From this dream came "Street Notes"--a journal and resource for aspiring photographers. Over the past 2 years, we have worked hard to edit and distill down fifteen specific photography … Read more about STREET NOTES