ANNETTE: Hello friends!  Recently I have been drawn to the Bauhaus style.  Bauhaus was an art/architecture/design movement around 1920’s-1930’s in Germany but its effects are still seen and recognized in todays world.

The Bauhaus style allows me to boil art down to art in one of its most simplest forms: geometric shapes, primary colors, and composition.  In my artworks, I obsess over intricate details, transitional colors and a strong message.  The Bauhaus style lets me let go these obsessions and play with effective simplicity.

Interestingly enough, when illustrating in Bauhaus style, I find myself challenged artistically. How can I be most effective with color use, shapes and composition with these constraints?  Even posting these incomplete designs is straining on me mentally when I feel I can only release completed artworks that I am proud to share.  Bauhaus artistically encourages me to not take everything so seriously and to just “go with the flow”.

Details and complexity is not required to be effective.  How can we bring this idea to not just our art but our lives?  Think about it, Bauhaus style.

Art and Photography Composition Guides x Bauhaus

Fibonacci Spiral x Annette Kim
Golden Triangle x Annette Kim
Rule of Thirds x Annette Kim


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