In spring, 2012, there was a partial eclipse over Japan. My wife and I were staying by the Kamo River and were able to view it for a few minutes with special glasses, but I was more interested in seeing the crowds staring up at the sky. So I rode down the river, marveling at the many sorts of people pausing in their day to absorb a cosmic event. It was a harmonious moment, so many different walks of people doing as one, almost genuflecting at the phenomenon. I must have photographed two dozen on my journey, but this one of a salaryman in his 火の鳥 (firebird) glasses resonates most, so much so that it is included in my photo book, Sunlanders.

Postcards from the Darkroom is a new feature on Haptic Press by Sean Lotman. All images posted will be scans of his color prints handmade in his darkroom. A lover of narrative and color and travel, Sean hopes to tell a story or at least convey a feeling. He is the author of Sunlanders (available for a limited time in the HAPTIC SHOP.)”

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