Directed, Concept, Produced, Poetry by Cindy Nguyen

Eric Kim

Director’s Statement (Cindy Nguyen, 2017)

It’s simple, really. We like to pause, look around, and think about life. We made this to invite you to join us in conversation about what is important/not and to ask why/why not?

With end of the year festivities, we took a moment to pause and reflect. In this moment of quiet meditation, we converse honestly about life, gratitude, and redefining expectations around ‘success’ and the artistic process.

Happy Holidays from Cindy & Eric. We wish you a new year of hope, honesty, and rediscovering your inner child.

Sounds by
Haruka Nakamura – Arne
SoulChef – Hello
J Dilla – So Far To Go
Blazo – Brisk Yellow
Que Sera – Wax Tailor
Marseille, the city
Tokyo, the city

Reader Interactions