HAPTICLABS KYOTO OFFICE's eternal return to CREATIVE EVERYDAY. Art concept, film, poetry by Cindy Nguyen Featuring: Illustrations by Annette Kim Photography by Eric Kim Sounds by: Kyoto, the city "Blazo" - Distant Graphite - "Blue in Green" - Voyage "Tank" - Cowboy … Read more about KYOTO BEPOP


“HAPTICLABS” Visual Poem by Cindy Nguyen YES to playful experiments to dream, to wonder, to make, to see an eternal return to the creative every day. NO to dreadful apparitions of self doubt, anxiety, the future, that faint whisper of Fear disguised as Reason. Sounds by: - "Blazo" - Distant … Read more about HAPTICLABS Visual Poem


Could we just for a second, disrupt this bizarre normalcy Of hatred, massacres, injustice, disillusionment disguised into a muffled calm? Could those who have been talking take a moment to listen to pause, to look, to touch and feel the fabric of our shared humanity? A second turns to minutes … Read more about DISRUPT NORMALCY


Photography, poetry, film, concept by CINDY NGUYEN Made at Tokyo Eric Kim Workshop, 2017 Do you still remember how to rustle, shake, and dance to the melody of wind and sky? Or do your concrete mirrors only know how to stand still, bitter, and silent? — Can I hold you forever closely in this … Read more about TOKYO GLANCES