Playful abstractions crisp cutaways, polygonal edges, a breath of negative space.   Meditations in minimalism daydreams in disorder.  TOKYO GLASS BY CINDY NGUYEN    METADATA: ikebana found paper ephemera handmade mulberry paper coffee grounds photoshop polygonal lasso … Read more about CUTAWAYS


from MIS-READING by CINDY NGUYEN: “The fit is not flattering” She mouths their murmurs to the reflection before her. Eyes scan a faintly familiar figure. Of crossed legs, brushed hair, slouched shoulders. It is her, it is she, it is me. A miss-fit. Clean contours of plastic perfection Support, … Read more about MISS-FIT


papers flurry ideas hurry the warmth of freshly pressed thoughts on eggshell leaves. a touch of the keys euphoric release of fragments laced to prose. published vulnerability a flicker of humanity. "Hello Haptic." song by Cindy Nguyen Sounds by Hanoi, the city Giraffage - … Read more about PRESS


So this is the sound of my voice if I, your mother, were to speak to you, my child. Nhưng tại sao tiếng mẹ nghe lạ quá vậy? You translated me. Rendered me visible, comprehensible, communicable outside of that time and place where no words were exchanged, only faraway glances, tensed … Read more about XE LỬA/ TRAIN


your eyes, I fux wit it as it traces the chimera creases of my lips parsed revealing everything and nothing in a breathless sigh. your dreams, I fux wit it as it neatly encases me in glass displays of enlightened beauty against the shadowy contours of science and fantasy. your murmurs, … Read more about FUX WIT IT


Film & Poem by Cindy A. Nguyen Chapter 1 What year did that happen? Before liberation. / Trước khi giải phóng When did you go to school? Before liberation. When did you become a farmer? After liberation. When did you meet dad? After liberation. When did you want to leave? After … Read more about LIBERATION TIME


Morning: The debt of days past leaden with expectation, disappointment, reality. Eyes flicker open to a ceiling of peeling paint washed with the wonder of soft sunlight peering through sheer curtains. Repeated motions: Apply a new face Reshape the body Adorn with subtle details enough to … Read more about INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE