I’ve been tracing for fun, to better understand the mind of other artists.

Untitled Basquiat

Do you remember as a kid, we would trade to learn art? I’ve been doing that with the iPad and Procreate app, to learn about proportions, and feel the spirit of my favorite artists. Basquiat being one of my favorites.

I’ve been loving tracing, because it’s fun. I feel like a kid again.

Also, it helps me feel the dynamism of lines. Also to inject fun color into images I love.

I’ve especially loved reading car designs, because the proportions are divine:


I love PABLO PICASSO, because he was the ultimate big ass kid. He made on average 1-2 art works a day until he died. Prolific, self-confident, and constantly innovating.

It took him a few years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

Weeping Woman 1937 Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

Some lessons he has taught me:

  1. Play with perspective. In this Weeping Woman painting, all the planes and dimensions are on one plane. You can see both her eyes on a flat surface. Picasso flattened his images, and created his own alternative reality.
  2. Create emotion: In his weeping woman piece, you can really feel the pain in the emotions of the crying woman. Lesson: art isn’t about realism, but evoking emotion in the viewer.
  3. Sketch over the work of artists who inspire you, to better get inside their head.

Made with iPad and Procreate app:

I’m gonna keep playing around with this, and see where it leads me.

So friend, keep playing, experimenting, and having fun.


My new fun Picasso trace. Ambroise VOLLARD by PICASSO. MADE on iPad, Procreate app.


Also, tracing my photos has been a good way to analyze my own compositions after the fact.

Deconstructed: Saigon Street Photography Compositions >

Trace art or your own photos for fun or the work of the masters.

And most of all, have fun 🙂


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eric kim photography black and white leaves flash

Re-discover you inner-child and feel like PABLO PICASSO:

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