Photography can be like a spiritual exercise. Through a camera, you are learning about yourself, who you are, what do you see, figuring out what the world looks like, or better, what it can look like. I like reality all right, but I prefer surrealism. I don’t go for fantasy so much as I go for strange twists in narrative. There are many ways to tell a story, just as there are many ways to make a picture. It may seem as straightforward as pointing a camera, but there are hundreds of choices, most of them seemingly meaningless, but some quite substantial, that put you in this place, in this moment right now. That you might even be able to see at all is often a choice as well. This was seen in a garden outside of Kyoto, stepping out of a tea room, four souls reflected to me, turned upside down.

Postcards from the Darkroom is a new feature on Haptic Press by Sean Lotman. All images posted will be scans of his color prints handmade in his darkroom. A lover of narrative and color and travel, Sean hopes to tell a story or at least convey a feeling. He is the author of Sunlanders (available for a limited time in the HAPTIC SHOP.)”

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