your eyes, I fux wit it as it traces the chimera creases of my lips parsed revealing everything and nothing in a breathless sigh. your dreams, I fux wit it as it neatly encases me in glass displays of enlightened beauty against the shadowy contours of science and fantasy. your murmurs, … Read more about FUX WIT IT


Mission DARK SKIES OVER TOKYO is a limited-edition set of three photography prints by Eric Kim. Eric sought to capture the mood of Tokyo--the listless wandering, curated distance, and silent longing in between the concrete jungle of the city. Captured at a close proximity, these moments … Read more about DARK SKIES OVER TOKYO


Film & Poem by Cindy A. Nguyen Chapter 1 What year did that happen? Before liberation. / Trước khi giải phóng When did you go to school? Before liberation. When did you become a farmer? After liberation. When did you meet dad? After liberation. When did you want to leave? After … Read more about LIBERATION TIME

The City of Angels

  Hand Printing and Laser Printing For the cover, Cindy hand sketched Eric's photograph of Los Angeles, carved it into a linoleum block, and hand printed it using archival oil-based ink. This resulted in a slightly raised, irregular, and unique texture on the cover of the … Read more about The City of Angels


Morning: The debt of days past leaden with expectation, disappointment, reality. Eyes flicker open to a ceiling of peeling paint washed with the wonder of soft sunlight peering through sheer curtains. Repeated motions: Apply a new face Reshape the body Adorn with subtle details enough to … Read more about INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE


HAPTIC: creative tools, you don't lack it. Images, keep stacking it. Lighten your backpack for your creative output, you can't make art without you. With your camera, subtract false reality, and let's dance together-- you and me. Feel the creative breeze. Creative ease. Pulsating music, don't … Read more about HAPTIC